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Preventative Measures (A Practical Guide to Sorcery 3.2)[EBOOK]

Preventative Measures (A Practical Guide to Sorcery 3.2)[EBOOK]

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This deleted chapter is set directly before Book 3, Chapter 10 (PGTS Chapter 98) - “Excessive Force”

After the battle with the Morrows, Oliver finds himself an overwhelmingly busy man, but he has  a plan to get everything under control, with a little help.

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Read a Sample

Coughing a little from all the dust, Oliver stepped forward to meet the
wardbreaker he’d hired. “You found a hidden safe?”

The man grinned, his fingers kneading at the battered old hat he held. “It
wasn’t that hard, actually. I’d like to say it was my immense skill that revealed
the location, but really, it was the fact that the path to it and area around the
entrance are slightly less dusty than the rest of the room, worn clean through
semi-frequent access. Lord Morrow’s pack-rat habits seem to have bitten him
on this one, though I would have discovered it eventually, either way.”

“Well, let’s open it up, shall we?”

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