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A Practical Guide to Sorcery Bonus Content Bundle[AUDIOBOOK BUNDLE]

A Practical Guide to Sorcery Bonus Content Bundle[AUDIOBOOK BUNDLE]

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In Codename: Moonsable

Thaddeus plans to introduce the second exercise of the term to his Intro to Practical Will-based Casting students. But when the rogue magic sirens go off, he is called away to deal with the particularly fascinating source of the turmoil.

In The Honeymoon Suite

When someone tries to blackmail Titus (Damien’s older brother), he finds out about the “honeymoon suite” misunderstanding involving Sebastien and Damien.

Worried, Titus decides to dig deeper to keep his brother safe from Sebastien, suspected seductive conman.

Misunderstandings cascade.

Get these bonus content stories and more with the bonus content audiobook bundle!

Book 2.1 - Codename Moonsable Short Story

Book 3.1 - Good Advice Deleted Chapter

Book 3.2 - Preventative Measures Deleted Chapter

Book 3.3 - The Honeymoon Suite Bonus Novelette

Book 4.1 - Harry Harold Had no Hands Bedtime Rhyme

Book 4.2 - Immovable Objects (Honeymoon Suite Sequel Short Story)

Book 4.3 - Recruitment Drive Blooper Scene


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Product Details

Digital Audiobooks: 4 hours and 5 minutes (total length)
Narrator: Gabrielle de Cuir
Publisher: Seladore Publishing

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