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Immovable Objects (A Practical Guide to Sorcery 4.2)[EBOOK]

Immovable Objects (A Practical Guide to Sorcery 4.2)[EBOOK]

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This short story is a sequel to “The Honeymoon Suite” novelette, and is set concurrently with Book 4, Chapter 6 (PGTS Chapter 149) - “Auxiliary Exercises Assessment”

Titus confronts Damien about his suspicious friend Sebastien, who is obviously a manipulative schemer who uses his charms to gain influence.

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Read a Sample

Titus’s gaze grew softer, and he stepped closer, grazing his fingertips down
Damien’s arm. He was still the taller of the two, and Damien realized that
Titus still thought of him as a child, though he was past the age of majority.
Perhaps he would always feel that way, no matter how old Damien grew. Titus
had to take over the responsibility of raising Damien after their mother died,
what with their father being...himself.

“I have been doing my research,” Titus said. “I asked around about Siver-
ling. Would you disagree with me that his defining quality is his ambition?”

“Sebastien Siverling will never be content with mediocrity,” Damien
admitted, his voice cracking. He swallowed, and when he continued, his voice
was low and firm. “But you’ve misunderstood something important about
him. His most defining quality isn’t ambition. It’s pride.”

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