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A Foreboding of Woe (A Practical Guide to Sorcery Book 4)[EBOOK PREORDER]

A Foreboding of Woe (A Practical Guide to Sorcery Book 4)[EBOOK PREORDER]

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The Raven Queen...

Siobhan didn't choose this name.

But now she will take control of it.

The secrets of this world are deeper and darker than Siobhan knew, and those she once trusted seem strange and sinister. But her Will is as abyssal as the ocean, and she is determined to uncover the truth.

As Sebastien's reputation begins to bloom with its own light, new eyes turn her way. With new magic and old plans come to fruition, she feels the inklings of true power within her grasp.

But there is a storm waiting beneath the placid surface of the ocean...

And old enemies have not forgotten her.

Running has not worked for Siobhan, and so the Raven Queen will stop running, and instead advance. She hopes to strip away any power they hold over her, but as she uncovers secrets and unravels mysteries, things may not go as planned. Will Siobhan and the few allies she has bound to her side be able to stand against the might of their enemies?

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