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A Practical Guide to Sorcery Series Bundle [EBOOK BUNDLE]

A Practical Guide to Sorcery Series Bundle [EBOOK BUNDLE]

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In a world where magic is a science, Siobhan is a genius.

But even geniuses need schooling.

When Siobhan stumbled into the theft of a priceless magical book, she thought her dreams of becoming the world's most powerful sorcerer were destroyed.

But then a mysterious spell changed her life forever...

Siobhan is now wearing the body of a strange man and has a new identity—Sebastien. With a new chance for a new start, she allies herself with a local gang—secretly a revolutionary party funding itself through crime. Now, she is bound by vow to repay them in magic and favors.

But as Sebastien's reputation begins to bloom, and Siobhan's old enemies still lurk in the shadows, she quickly realizes that the secrets of this world are deeper and darker than she ever could have imagined.

Forced to juggle the two sides of her double life, Siobhan is determined to uncover the truth and take control of the name they gave her—The Raven Queen.

A Practical Guide to Sorcery is a hard fantasy series that includes: an intelligent protagonist, a rules-based magic system, and some hilarious misunderstandings.

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“You cannot fail me. I deserve to learn here. I may not have the foundation of knowledge I need yet. I know that. It’s why I am here. I may not have the social connections of some of your other students, either.” She looked to Professor Lacer, thinking of the rude, rich boy, who they never would have treated like this. “Nevertheless, I have what is truly important. I can learn whatever you put before me, given only a bit of time and the resources to do so. I have—” 

“Silence!” This time, it was the artificer who spoke. “Our decision has been made. Do not disrespect this council, if you wish to find yourself before us again next year. Perhaps by then, you will have learned enough to pass our examination.” 

His words did nothing to cow her. If anything, they fanned the inferno of rage within her. The small part of her that was screaming for her to put away her pride and practice caution was burned away. “No,” she said again, her voice deepening, hoarse with outrage. 

The artificer’s face settled into a glare, and he reached into the inner pocket of his vest, pulling out a glimmering wand. A simple flick, and she felt a blanket of stillness settle over her, dampening the air as if she were standing in a bubble of water. No sound reached her. 

Now they will not even let me plead my case?’ 

The professor who sat closest to the door got up and opened it to wave for one of the proctors outside, no doubt for them to come and drag her away like those who had been caught cheating in the written examination. 

It’s over,’ she thought, with the same despair she might have felt if someone had told her she would never walk again. And then, one last time, ‘No. If I cannot tell them, I will show them.’ She turned back to the sloppy array behind her, and with the crash of her Will against the world, activated it. 

She was standing too close to the large component Circle, and felt an immediate chill as it began to suck heat from her flesh. She stepped even closer, putting most of her body in its range. She would need serious heat to power a flame hot enough to turn blue. She focused on a spot in the air above her, glaring at it as she guided the energy of the spell. A tiny flame burst to life, hanging on nothing. 

The chalk spell array glowed with the wasted energy, and she clamped down even harder on it, till the only thing in her mind was the fire. The sphere meant to power the flame darkened like a bubble of shadow enclosing half the blackboard, most of her body, and the surrounding air. But the flame brightened from orange to yellow, and then to blue. She shivered violently, but forced herself to remain standing and otherwise put it out of her mind. 

The flame floated closer and circled around her head. When she took a step, it followed behind her. 

She brought it back around to her head, and forced it to avoid her hand as she swiped at it, the warmth—such a contrast to her frozen fingers—burning even from inches away. 

She turned back to the professors, belatedly realizing that the silencing spell had fallen away. “I have the Will,” she said simply. She released the flame, which died immediately. Her numb legs gave out, and she collapsed gently to the floor, sitting and staring up at the semicircle of professors, some of whom had stood. The door was still open, held forgotten by the professor who had been calling for a proctor, and a group of prospective students stared into the room. 

Professor Munchworth glared at her. “Leave. You are expelled from the test. Do not return—”

Professor Lacer, still sitting, cleared his throat. “I am overriding the panel’s decision.” 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I enjoyed this series a lot and am looking forward to the next sequel

The character is a lot of fun. The characters are believable, and their actions are entirely reasonable from their point of view, and yet the myth of the mc grows without her intention.

Florian Dyck
There are actually files you can download

You can give the novel a try here or on Royalroad. If you like it, here you can the books as .pdf and .epub. You can download and read them any device. Only imperfection is that the cover pictures are not included in the pdf files.

River M.
This is my favorite currently active series

if there were 20 books in this series it still wouldn't be enough. There's a cool magic system, a rich world, fully realized characters, and very likeable protagonist in over her head. I don't know what more you could ask for. it low-key has Kingkiller Chronicles vibes.

Mertie Tonjes

Love it!!! I don’t want to put it down. Can’t wait to see the ending. There are a couple of ways I want it resolved.