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The Catastrophe Collector: Larva (A Practical Guide to Sorcery Series)[EBOOK PREORDER]

The Catastrophe Collector: Larva (A Practical Guide to Sorcery Series)[EBOOK PREORDER]

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When disaster strikes, Percy is there.

Whether it's a runaway carriage barreling down the street or a villainous plot against the crown, Percy will stumble headfirst into the fray.

But he's not a hero.

He's not a vigilante.

He's not even looking for fame or fortune.

In truth, Percy just wants to lead a normal life – low-key, boring, and predictable. So when the mysterious hag appears with a (fake) luck talisman, Percy jumps at the chance for a bit of normalcy. But as strange coincidences start to converge around him, Percy finds himself in the middle of all sorts of misadventures.

From finding himself in the middle of a criminal operation to becoming a suspected vigilante, Percy must use all his wit and luck to flail his way to saving the day.

You’ll love this delightfully funny, adventure-filled romp through a world full of chaos and mayhem.

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